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Taste Life Twice
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Spirit Life

A book of environmental poetry is dedicated to all life in our natural world.

I wrote most of the poems while kayaking alone in my Old Towne blue kayak. I interacted with the large shore birds, manatees and dolphins as I paddled through hidden mangrove trails off Florida’s southern Gulf Coast. I composed other poems while biking the side roads of Pine Island, Florida and exploring the Everglades.

My two-fold intent is to encourage an accepting and loving relationship with the Earth, and to expand human consciousness. We need fewer people manipulating the earth; more people living in harmony and intimacy with our steadily vanishing environment.




SPIRIT LIFE is a marvelous poetic journey. Marsha J. Perlman’s observation of nature is often humorous and always poignant.”              ~ Joyce (jd) Daniels, author of Through Pelican Eyes.


“Marsha captures sensitivity to her surroundings, instilling reverence for all things. Our inherent appreciation is awakened. Read these pages in joy.”               ~Sheilana Massey, D.D., author of Peace Has No Space for Memories.


This book was the text for two summer painting/writing workshops along coastal Wisconsin.


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